Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Yes to" Tomatoes and Cucumber Face Mask Review

Hey everyone! I have a beauty face mask review for you all today! Let's start with some background information. Okay, so my face has been breaking out like crazy starting mid last week. (I went to sleep without washing my makeup for one night, yes I know, a big no no!) Anyways, ever since then my face has been an explosive volcano zone. As some of you may or may not know I attended a One Direction Concert yesterday. (Wednesday) I was determined to have decent looking skin at the concert, yes, I know makeup does wonders, but I also wanted to take some extra care for my skin to revive it some what. So I went to Target (Monday) and I picked up two single pack face masks from the "Yes to Carrots" line, one Yes to Tomatoes, and one Yes to Cucumbers.  In all honesty I felt these masks did some magic to my skin, let's get into each one more intensely below!(:

Yes to Tomatoes: Clear Skin/Acne:

I love, love, LOVE this facial mask. I think this may just be by new favorite. I will still continue to use and love my Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop ( Review here), but I effeminately will be purchasing the full size version of this facial mask.

First Thoughts:

Opening the package:
(The convenient ripping packaging it comes in is not all that convenient, I needed to cut it with some scissors.) But maybe I just messed it up..
  • no nasty distinct smell. I honestly can't describe what this smells like, definitely not tomatoes, well, at least I don't think so. The smell doesn't bother me, but there definitely is one.
  • medium thick consistency
  • white cream
Applying to the face:
  • Smell still doesn't bother me. 
  • Easy to spread
  • Didn't burn
  • (Don't add too much water, make sure face is dry or very lightly damp)
  • I think the best way to apply is after washing your face, pat dry, then apply with lightly wet finger tips. 
**After applying to the face I realized I had so much more left! I asked my sister if she would like to give it  try but she turned it down. I decided to save it for another day and use it in the morning, I folded it and sealed it with a clip. (The package actually give enough for three uses, even though it says single use.) I only used it twice though, I threw it away after the second application because I didn't know if it would go bad since the way I sealed it wasn't all that fantastic. 

After Washing it off:
I wash it off using luke warm water. I lightly pat/spread the water over my face then lightly scrub/rub it off. After I pat dry. I left it on way to long. I have a problem with face mask where I leave them on for 15-20 minutes maybe even a little longer. I usually forget or I just get really lazy to wash it off. I don't recommend you to do this unless you think it fits your skin type/routine. Leaving it longer works for me and so far I have not seen any bad side effects.
  • skin felt conditioned after
  • skin felt moisturized
  • washing it off didn't give me that super fresh feeling you usually get after washing your face or using a face mask.
  • my skin felt thick/luscious/ soft in a conditioning way
  • My skin looked like it was glowing!
**Overall, I LOVED this product. After a two day use I noticed that my acne did slightly calm down. I put this mask and the cucumber one right before applying makeup and I felt as if it made all the difference how my skin acted throughout the day. I will be purchasing the full-sized version of this, and look forward to seeing more results!

The back of the Packaging/info:

Yes to Cucumbers Face Mask: Soothing Sensitive Skin

First Thoughts:

Opening the package:
(Still needed scissors)

  • Smells like cucumbers!
  • Also white cream consistency 
  • appeared not to be as much as the tomatoes package (but it was actually the same)
Applying it to the Face:
  • Didn't burn
  • Very much smelled like Cucumbers
  • Texture about the same as the Tomatoes, only slight difference.
  • Dried differently, this one made my face feel all tight and it felt kind of weird. (left it on the same amount of time as the tomato mask)
After Washing it off:
  • Didn't feel or see a dramatic difference.
  • My skin kind of appeared more even toned all around and less red.
  • Didn't have the fresh face feeling either (maybe I should have washed it off with cold water?)
**My skin was peeling in some areas, and some zits popped and we all know that leaves your skin all nasty! So I applied this right before putting on makeup and I think that really helped with soothing the skin and allowing the makeup to apply evenly/better. If you have tried applying makeup on dry peeling skin, you know how much of the struggle that is. So this mask actually allowed me to wear makeup over my troublesome areas without it looking nasty.

Back Packaging/info:
It's a decent product, but I feel like the Tomatoes mask has everything this mask does/claims to do covered. I wouldn't purchase the full version of this, it was just alright, nothing too special. There are a lot of other mask out their that have an extra something special that does what this one does and more! However it was the combination of this and the tomato mask that helped my skin revive itself in time for the concert.

**Friendly Reminders:

  • Always moisturize after applying the mask.
  • Apply mask on clean face.
  • pat dry
  • be gentle when applying and washing off
Thank you for reading lovelies! I hoped I helped, any questions/comments leave below!(:

On the face: whoo creppy~

Sorry for the nastiness!

**UPDATE: I went out and purchased the full version after this! I finished the whole jar! My only complaint is the PRICE! (14.99) compared to the amount they give (1.7 oz.). I ran out so fast!! I would like to repurchase this, but I will probably only do so if there is a deal. For now, I shall be on the hunt for another face mask. This literally disapperead so fast, great product, but for the amount you get I feel like I could find another product with more/better!


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