Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Too Sick To Function

I'm back! Just kidding, only temporarily. I've been extremely sick for the past four days, just dying in my bed. Yesterday I finally started to feel better enough to go Target and pick a full sized "Yes to Tomatoes Facial Mask" (Review **here**). I'm still super sick, and I literally have the energy of like a elderly turtle. Well anywho, here was yesterday's outfit, hopefully I'll be back soon(:

Top: Copped from the momma, you know how it goes
Skirt&Necklace: F21
Jacket: Also copped from my momma, BCBG 
Shoes: Beyond the Rack:  Glaze

I might do a what I have been up to since I've been sick post, but I really just been sleeping like 24/7. However, it really sadens me to say that one of my lookbook posts was flagged and taken down, you can still check out the look here tho--> (: bubble-gum-print

-Thank you everybody<3

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