Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Direction Concert :D

One Direction! 
Hey fellow blog reader and internet roamers! I went to a One Direction Concert last night, after waiting a whole freaking year! These tickets went on sale last year but sold out literally in a few minutes! I was lucky to get my hands on a pair because I had experience from attempting to purchase tickets to one of their very first concerts but was unable to obtain tickets due to all the loving, crazy fans attempting to buy them too.  I had lots of fun at the concert, the whole stadium was filled and I was pretty darn contempt with my seats. I've got to admit though it would have been pretty awesome to actually meet them and get backstage passes. I guess I was hoping for too much since this was only my second concert (or actually maybe my third, does a music festival count?) and when I attended my first concert ever (Justin Bieber<3) I obtained backstage passes with my best friend at the time and we got to meet him (only literally like 40 seconds, but it was still awesome) I know a lot of you guys don't like either of these singers/groups, so if you don't just disregard this but please don't hate on me. Tanks yous!

The concert was pretty fun and all the boys became like 10X prettier, I was dying inside. Not going to lie, I'm not a crazy, crazy fan, I do love them and I did start following them well they were still on X-Factor in the UK, but idk.. Like there were these girls that got really REALLY excited when the same video kept playing, and they screamed like no tomorrow, but props to them, if that's them then yay them. 

**Randomness: I saw people dressed in banana suits, which was pretty cool.
*Someone threw their shoes on stage. 
*Multiple girls threw their phones on stage only to get it taken away by the security guards.
*Some girl had a poster that said, "The 1D I want is Harry's"....
&& her friend had a poster saying, "(one of the boy's names, forgot which one) let me lick your face"

 Bad quality, didn't have my camera with me, only my S3 phone, sorry!

Flying closer to our seats, and looking ever so beautiful.

While singing their last song, and most popular one: "What Makes You Beautiful" 

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