Wednesday, July 10, 2013

White Unicorn Candy Crush

The Outfit: White on White.

What Am I  Wearing?

  • Shirt: Papaya
  • Shorts/Shades: H&M
  • Clutch: Macy's: Material Girl
  • Shoes: Leather White Converse <333
  • Bandeau: Styles for Less
  • Bracelet: Disneyland
  • Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips
Hehe! I am finally back from L.A./ San Diego, whoo! I had an amazing trip, but now to be back on topic let's jump back to this outfit! I'm wearing white on white today, one of my favorite combos next to black on black. I paired this look with my BRAND NEW WHITE LEATHER CONVERSE THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I saw the high-top versions at an Converse Outlet but sadly they didn't have my size. :( I didn't want to pay full price ($70.00) for the shoe so I searched all over the internet for several days and finally decided to by these non high-top ones for around $50 ( Anyways, I absolutely adore them, I mean they is LEATHER. AHH. I added my eye catching clutch (copped for around 5 dollars last year hehe) which really compliments the white and adds a little craziness/fun whoo! I felt like a white unicorn with a pop of color. (I wished my hair was my old mermaid hair color, then I'd look super unicorn!) I wore these big crazy black and silver shades to add to the crazinees of the clutch and because why not!? 

Now no more rambling, back to the pictures!

Crazy Shades!


I wore three different pair of earring because
 1. I couldn't find any matching pairs.
2. I think it's cute.
3. Why not?
4. Cos' I'm ratch

Sorry for my creepy looking ankle, I've hurt it a few times (a lot....)

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Watch my June Favorites video featuring this outfit!(:

Thank you so much for reading/ your attention! <3 xoxoxo