Friday, July 19, 2013

Back up with Floral

Hey everyone! Today's outfit post isn't really "today's outfit post", I slept over at my friends house yesterday so I am unable to take pictures of my outfit, not to mention I look like ghdbjashd. Anyways, I have some shots from an old outfit that I never posted (meant to but never transferred them to my computer oops). I don't have too many good shots, so you'll have to work with me, sorry! Well anyways, the pictures whoo!
These pictures are from a while back, back when school was still happening. (BOO!..)
**If i have time and am able to, I'll try to get some shots of today's outfit and post it. (:

Floral Body Con Dress, Belt, Hi-Low skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan and shoes: Copped from my mom! hehe
Sadly, my little cardigan ripped and can no longer be worn :(

**This isn't the same outfit, but it's a close up of the same body con dress, which I tucked in to the hi-low skirt above. Hehe, peep at my old teal hair. (I'm returning to a little bit of this hair soon!(: )