Thursday, June 20, 2013

Depressed Sweater Weather: Navy Blue Vintage Sweater

I wore this outfit last week. The weather in my area has been so confusing! It gets real hot then two days later it gets super cold. I was having a terrible day that day, and my eyes seem slightly swollen in the pictures because of sad reasons lol. It's all good though! The day ended in a good note, I saw the movie "Now You See Me" with my best friend and it was AMAZING. It was extremely mind fudging, and I highly recommend that you all see it! Now to the outfit pictures!

What am I wearing?
Backpack: Coach 
Shoes & Bracelet: Cotton On
Shorts: Gap
Sweater: Stole from le Mom hehe :P
Shades: H&M

awk smile ftw!

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