Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break: Food

Late post!
I went to the L.A. / Irvine/ Anaheim area during spring break. I had an amazing time and ate the most amazing food and discovered some new favorites! Here are some pictures and reviews!


 I Love the Habit, they don't have any in my are. :(



I-Sweet is a dessert place located in the City of Industry. Everything there is pretty , much handmade and natural! I'm going to cut to the chase and show you the pictures, if you want a more detailed review, click here: I-Sweet Yelp Review

They may seem weird in the pictures, but its because my camera can't capture the real beauty and texture/detail of what it really is. I would definitely go try it if you are in the area!

Half and Half Boba

 You ABSOLUTELY need to go here if you are a hardcore boba addict or fan like me. This was just beautifuls<3
Link to Review: Half and Half Yelp Review

Honda Ya: 

No review, but here is the Yelp link for other people's reviews:

I didn't take pictures of all the food, but there was a lot more! 


I also loved loved this place, but did not get any decent shots of their food, but i did write a review:

Hope these reviews help some of you if you are ever in the area!(:

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