Friday, January 4, 2013

Ombre/Lighten/Highlight hair: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE

Hey guys, so I  recently discovered many beautiful uses of Hydrogen Peroxide. But today we are only going to talk about one of them and that is how to lighten your hair! This method can be used for overall lightning, highlighting individual pieces or strands, and/or ombreing!I have gone through several hair experiments in the past three years, dipdye and chunks of blue, pink, purple, lavender, teal. (Mainly blue/ purple mermaid hair<3) In order to acheive those colors, I had to bleach my hair. Once the colors faded it left my hair in a sort of ombre/blonde manner. Now I have decided to maintain this ombre hair do and in order to reach a legit ombre hair style I using this hydrogen peroxide method. Now let's get to the process!

How to make the Hydrogen Peroxide Solution:

STEP 1HYDROGEN PEROXIDE<3 (usually around $1-3)
Hydrogen Peroxide is fairly cheap and affordable and SLIGHTLY less damaging than bleaching your hair. Using this process may take longer than expected depending on the amount used and how often you apply. 

THIS SPRAY BOTTLE SHOULD BY FAIRLY DARK . Hydrogen peroxide always comes in brown or dark colored containers because if it is exposed to light it loses affect and yadayadayada. (Google it?) So I just poured it into a old used up heat protection spray bottle. We want to pour a even amount 50/50 water and Hydrogen Peroxide so save some space! (If you don't have a dark container you can use a light one and store it somewhere where light cant hit it to often.)

STEP 3: Add Water! Now I am not afraid of damaging my hair, and I want the process to be faster, so I add maybe 70% hydrogen peroxide and 30% water. However, the choice is up to you and your hair. If you are afraid of damaging your hair, or your hair is more sensitive, I suggest adding more water than I did and less hydrogen peroxide.

 For some extra hair protection, add some conditioner! You can add either leave in, deep, or plain old regular conditioner. Don't add too much just a very small amount should do. Experiment yourself!

WARNING: Like any hair lightening process, this may possibly damage your hair. I have not noticed any particular damage or drying, but it dose not mean you won't either. Also I suggest experimenting on a small strand/chunk first for experimentation and in order to see the results. Also doing some of your own research on Google won't hurt. (:

Side Notes

  •  ( I didn't fill the whole bottle up with the solution. I only filled up less than half. A little lasts a long way!)
  • You should apply the solution to the areas where you want your hair color to fade/become lighter. In order to maintain/ achieve my ombre look I sprayed more of the solution towards the bottom and sprayed less towards the top. For example: If I sprayed 5 times at the ends of my hair, I'd move up a little bit and spray that area three times, move up again and spray that area twice or once. (You control the amount you want to spray so the numbers will vary) **This is how I applied it on my hair, if you are lightning your whole head, then of course spray your whole head, if you are seeking highlight only spray the strands you want highlighted. 
Pictures of my hair:

Pictures a few months later:


** I am dearly sorry for my awkward hand motions, I was pretty nervous. I don't really talk with a bajillion hand motions regularly....

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  1. Hi, Just read your post and must say, what amazing results! I have few questions about the process:
    1.) In refrence to the pic w/ purple skirt, how long did it take for that result?
    2.) once you acheived the color you wanted, did you continue to apply the peroxide to maintain color?
    3.) if peroxide isnt continuously applied, do the results/ lightening fade away?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I previously had dip dyed hair so once the color washed out, some of it was already blonde or yellow since I had to bleach my hair prior to that. So the color in the purple is an accumulation of the washed out color from the dip dye and some spraying with hydrogen peroxide. The time it took is hard to say because the color did not completely form from just the hydrogen peroxide.

      2.) No, you do not need to continue to apply the peroxide to maintain color. That will only damgae your hair and make iit even lighter. Once ypu reached the color you like you should stop.

      3.) The results have not been fading away for me but i am nor completley sure how that works. This is however a really long process over time unless you keep it on for a long time or apply more than usual/recommended.

      And of coudse with any lightening of hair dont forget to get a deep condotioner to sooth tour hair to keep it from being too damaged! (:

      Here are some videos I found that may help answer your questions:

      (This girl lightened her whole head but made the mistake of keeping it in a clear bottle)
      (Here is another one talking about her experience with this method. )

      Hoped I helped and answered your questions! Goodluck! (:

  2. How many times did you apply this or is the color achieved from one application?

    1. You most likely won't see significant progress in one application, but it also depends on how long you leave it in for, and how much of it you use. I applied the hydrogen peroxide to my hair in my spare time, so maybe 1-2 times every week. Since I didn't apply to frequently it took a little bit longer, but i did notice progress after the second or third time. However, my hair was previously bleached a little bit from my dip-dyed hair style. For people who have not naked hair, I am not sure how long it would take. Sorry for the late reply! =( Thanks for commenting and reading!

  3. Hi, I love your hair! Can you give a brief description of how you specifically applied the hydrogen peroxide? For example, did you just add more solution to the ends and then gradually comb through the hair to create a gradient ombre? Thank you!!

    1. Thank you very much! (: I literally just sprayed it to the areas I wanted lighter and let it air dry for a few seconds and I was good to go! I did spray more of the solution twoards the bottom. For example, I might have sprayed the very tips/ends of my hair 5 times, move a little higher and then spray that part two times, and then once again moved higher and only spray that area once. After that I just slighlty comb through and make sure everything was applied evenly. I hope that helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask! (:

  4. I really want to do this, but my hair is rather short, about right above my boobs, and when its straightened, it half way past my boobs. I really want to do this, but im afraid that it'll look bad considering my hair isnt as long as yours. How do you think i should do it? A lot of the lightest colour on my end, or just a bit????? sorry to bother you, im just really nervous, and im doing it tonight, did you sleep in it?

    1. I dont think it will look bad, I quite like the people who ombte their hair half way. I think when I first started with dip-dye which later faded into ombre, my hair was about the same length at yours, however I only had ombre at the very ends at that time. Over time, moved my ombre higher. Anyways, if you really want it go for it! (: the good thing about this process is that you won't see dramatic results in a day. It's more of a gradual process so you can apply th solution for a week and if you don't lile where it's going, stop! (: I didn't sleep in it but I suppose you can. But if you sleep in it make sure the solution is completely dry (not still damp on your hair or it might stain/bleach ypur pillow case or clothes), and wear a shirt you don't care about just to be safe/experiment with the first night. Good luck! I hope I answered your questions (: p.s. also wash it out of your hair after

  5. If i were to do this in order to lighten my to dye hair a different color on top would i just let air dry and apply desired color dye on lightened hair?

  6. Hi. When you said add conditioner, did you add the conditioner to the peroxide-water mixture?

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  8. Hi! How long are you supposed to leave the solution on before you wash it? :)